Simple Hair Accessories


Hair accessories can be described as functional or ornamental stuff inserted, wrapped, attached, or tied on the hair. Nowadays hair accessories have substituted jewelry. Hair accessories differ depending on the type and the material they are made of. Hair accessories are mostly used by women across the world. Although few men also use some hair accessories like headbands. Hair accessories are found in many sizes and shapes.

A hair tie refers to an item employed in fastening hair, mainly long hair, away from the face. Silk hair ties or else scrunchies are best, especially for damaged and fragile hair. Hair ties are always elastic. Most elastic hair ties are coated to prevent exposing hair to the elastic. The elastic material employed in making hair ties is rubber and polyester. They are made with a minor string of elastic which is set down to the fabric loop as well as glued at the ends. Hair clips are also called barrettes, clasp, or hairpins. Hair clips are normally used in keeping hair in place. Hair clips are made from metal and plastic.

Another type of hair accessory is a hairband. It is a strip of either cloth or a plastic strip usually worn in the hair, fitting closely behind the ears and on the head top. Most people believe that wearing hairbands frequently may result in breakage of the hairline. The hairband is mainly made of novelty material, plastic, fabric, wood, hemp, leather, and animal hair. Moreover, the leather headbands are often hand-stitched. Numerous people prefer to use elastic hair ties, which consist of cotton wrapped.


Picking the right hair accessory helps you to look good and fabulous. They give a luxurious look. Hair accessories are used by both men and women, whereby women are the major users. The material in which hair accessories are made may show fashion level, religion, age group, and social class.