Hair Accessories

When most people hear of accessories, the first thought that comes into their minds is about bags, jewelry, and bags. It is about time most people got to know more about hair accessories and how a smart investment they tend to be.

When you accessorize your hair, you end up looking good and will definitely stand out. We all know that most people have a busy schedule to the extent that they do not find the time to get the perfect curls or do a full blowout; wearing hair accessories will give you that ultimate look you are looking for. Whether you use hair clips, hair bands, hair ties, or others, you would not regret your decision because they make your hair look neat and well taken care of.

Making Hair Accessories

You do not have to spend a lot of money buying hair clips, hair bands, and hair ties while you can make them at home. With the right accessories, you will be able to glamourize your outfit.

Hair Clips – To make beaded bobby pins, you should collect between 10 and 20 beads; the beads should have a hole that a small florists wire can pass through. Go ahead and cut the wire such that it is twice the bobby pin’s length. The bead should be on top of the pin and the wire be wrapped around the pin. ( Keep repeating the process until you put enough beads. A pair of pliers will be helpful when it comes to wrapping the wire around the pin.

For a bow hair clip, you should cut your favorite fabric into two pieces, create a loop, and use glue to seal stick the ends together. You should use another strip to wrap around the loop to create a knot at the center. Attach that bow to your hair clip.

Hair Bands- To make a good hairband for your ponytail, look for an elastic band and sew the ends together such that it is round. ( You can now cut your favorite fabric and sew or glue it around the elastic band to cover it completely.

Hair Accessories for Different Styles
• Barrettes – They are usable with all hair lengths. You can use clip back to bang shorter hair or use longer pieces for both medium and long styles.
• Headbands – Mostly for casual occasions, headbands suit any hairstyle, whether long or short. Use hairbands to avoid your hair getting into your eyes. They are also useful in separating the hair and creating good volume sections.
• Tiaras will work best with both medium and long hairstyles. You can use them for formal occasions like weddings and proms.
• Elastic hair bands – They are the simplest and quickest way to avoid hair getting into your eyes. Anyone whose hair is long enough for a ponytail can use elastics.
• Snap clips – Even though most people associate them with kids, they can be used by adults too. You can use them to secure some pieces of hair no matter the type or texture. Make sure that you use them for a casual look and secure those pieces that cannot stick in a ponytail.